Mississippi University for Women "The W"

Mississippi University for Women "The W"

This wind chime is made from galvanized steel. It measures 10" wide and 29 " long.The images are "rust" etched into the metal. The banner at the top measures 10" wide by 3 " tall. The individual flags in the middle are 3 " x 3 ", and the sail at the bottom measures 4 " x 4 ". The beads in between the metal pieces are blue and light blue plastic. (gumball beads) This wind chime and the images and logos of the University are licensed by the University of Mississippi for Women and used with their permission. There may be some slight differences in the current wind chime available and the one pictured here. We are constantly working to improve our images and designs.

  • Patina

    Your wind chime is expected to continue to age and rust. It will develope a very unique and individual rusty patina. The images presented in this posting is a example of the process and result of our rusting the images into the galvanized metal.



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